This is Tracy… But This is Not Her Father [Billboard]

Source: Chemonics

This billboard is part of the Safe Love campaign, a comprehensive HIV prevention campaign that addresses key drivers of HIV/AIDS in Zambia, including multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships, low and inconsistent condom use, and mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The billboard encourages people to think about HIV and the “sugar daddy” problem of older men having sex with young girls, with the text “This is Tracy… but this is not her father. Have you thought about HIV?” And includes the slogan, “Think. Talk. Act.” In a rapid survey of the Safe Love Campaign conducted in May 2012, it was shown that 66.5% of respondents were exposed to the Safe Love campaigns, 56% learned at least one message from the campaigns, 39% reported changing their sexual behavior as a result of the campaign, 91% felt that Safe Love messages were relevant for Zambians, and 93% reported that they had a positive reaction to the campaign’s messages.