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The Zambia Compass is a sister site to the Global Compass. It provides a curated collection of resources, materials and guidelines that have been designed for and implemented in Zambia. The collection offers the highest quality “how-to” tools and packages of materials from SBC projects.


Think “the best.”
When users search the Compass, we want them to rest easy knowing that they will find the top SBC resources. We are looking for resources that were developed using a strategic communication process, and have been shown to be effective in the field.

Think “packages.”
If a series of materials was developed for a project, submit all of them so that our users can see how the entire package supports social and behavior change objectives.

Think “background materials.”
Also think about any additional materials and documents that support the resource you are submitting – scripts, design documents, strategy documents. Consider including any support materials that will help a user better understand the process you went through to develop and implement the resource.

Think “I love using this!”
If you used a great tool and would like to share it with colleagues, please upload it – our users will be very grateful!



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