Your Child’s Health Depends on You

Source: Health Communication Partnership Zambia (HCP-Z) led by the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs

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This material was originally called the ‘Child Health Booklet’, and then re-titled more proactively as ‘Your Child’s Health Depends on You’.

Zambia has a Child Health Week every six months. Originally it was structured around the half-yearly Vitamin A supplementation for children under 6 years. That was expanded to include all the necessary services for children including immunizations, deworming, height and weight measurement etc.

There was a perceived need for a simple, well-illustrated booklet for the caregivers of these children, that outlined the basic behaviours that can ensure better health of their children. After some iterations, this version emerged post pretest. Translated into local languages in some provinces, this basic booklet was well received by the parents and caregivers as a reminder of information shared with them by service providers.