Club Risky Business TV Series Concept Note

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Media 365

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This is concept note about Club Risky Business, a multimedia campaign in Zambia focusing on concurrent sexual partnerships. The concept note was prepared by a media company helping with the production of the show.

The note describes a 26 episode series focusing on promoting positive health-seeking behavior among the general population. The proposed series package will include 45-minute episodes with the initial season being 26 episodes and subsequent seasons being 13 episodes each. Packaged with the series are Public Service Announcements (PSA) on various health issues. Each episode or series of episodes will highlight a health concern like malaria and focus on the behavior change objective required to prevent that particular health problem. The series is targeted at the general public (young people, men and women, policy makers, professionals and opinion leaders). The intention of this series is to make the audience aware of various issues surrounding health and wellness by showing how an individual, family and the community are impacted by various and specific health issues and the contributing and/or surrounding dynamics that affect them.