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A guide to family planning counseling for service providers. There are pages with large illustrations for the client, and information / counseling guidelines for the service provider.

A guide to facilitating discussions after community theatre performances. Includes steps to creating an effective play, the positive impact of theater, facilitation techniques, planning a community program, and discussion questions for specific health topics.

This is a brochure for youth explaining the benefits of abstinence, to help youth to avoid getting involved in a sexual relationship, and to show love without having sex. It includes sections on "some lines you could use," how to be abstinent, and why it's good to wait.

A brochure for boys about puberty, answering frequently asked questions. Information covers: what is puberty, what's happening to my body, the penis, sperm, wet dreams, zits, spots, and pimples, and how to survive puberty.

A brochure for adolescents about STIs, offering answers to frequently asked questions. Included are questions such as: "What are STIs?" "Could I have an STI and not know it?" "Can you get an STI if you use a condom?" "What should I do if I think I have an STI?" and many more.

A brochure with commonly asked questions and answers about HIV/AIDS. Includes questions about HIV transmission, condom use, tuberculosis, prevention, progression from HIV to AIDS, how to tell if someone is HIV positive, and what to do if you think you may have HIV.

A brochure about puberty for girls. Covers topics such as: "What's happening to my body?" "That time of the month," "Ovulation," "Menstruation," "Zits, spots and pimples," and "Survive Puberty."

This radio spot was used as part of the Mothers Alive campaign to encourage men to get involved in family planning decisions. The spot highlights a man speaking to his friends about his new child's upcoming birth.