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These three videos, featuring Bernard, a preacher, Norah a comunity health worker, and Chief Shabila, offer three different perspectives on the work of the Breakthrough ACTION Zambia project, and were created at the end of the project as part of the closing activities.

"Hooked" is a comic series which was part of the National Family Health Campaign in Zambia which runs once per week on the campaign’s Facebook page and follows the life and interactions of young women and men in a college setting. It discusses family planning, condom use, HIV testing, and malaria prevention, among other health topics. 

The Breakthrough ACTION Zambia Project developed and disseminated implementation handover packages for Adolescent Wellness Days, Men's Wellness Days, Ni Zii, GMTk, Emergency Planning Prompt, Co-Created Guidelines and Feedback Mechanism innovations to stakeholders.  These packages were disseminated at an event in September 2020.