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"Hooked" is a comic series which was part of the National Family Health Campaign in Zambia which runs once per week on the campaign’s Facebook page and follows the life and interactions of young women and men in a college setting. It discusses family planning, condom use, HIV testing, and malaria prevention, among other health topics. 

These posters, part of the Breakthrough ACTION project in Zambia, show healthy, strong men who have been on ARV medications for years, performing hard work, and looking well.  They are part of the "Know Your Status. Get Tested. Get Treated!" campaign.

 This set of posters was part of a campaign supported by Breakthrough ACTION to encourage use of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) in Zambia.  

Fact sheets on adolescent HIV trends, distribution of adolescent AIDS-related deaths, HIV treatment for adolescents, and adolescent knowledge, testing and behaviour related to HIV are available for the following countries:

This birth plan covers the necessary steps the family of a pregnant woman should take during each month of the pregnancy and after delivery. The plan includes education, social support, logistics, nutrition and care, and medical preparations the family should be arranging prior to the birth.